The Best Bedwars Minecraft servers

November 22, 2022

The Best Bedwars Minecraft servers

Among the several game modes in Minecraft servers, Bedwars is quite a contender with one of the most loved ones with Minecrafters. Bedwars game mode's motive is to form allies and destroy the rival team's beds, hence the name bedwars. 

When you destroy a team's bed, they no longer can revive after death but face elimination. The last team to evade destruction wins. Hence it takes strategy to protect one's bed and destroy others' to stay in the game. 

Some of the aspects that make a great Bedwars Minecraft server are,

- Well-designed and intricate maps
- Robust mechanics
- The least lagging time or latency

Keeping these features in mind and much more, here are the crème-e-la-crème Bedwars Minecraft servers.

1.     Hypixel


Hypixel incontestably takes the number one spot in the best Bedwars Minecraft server list. It is, after all, the original creator of the game mode.

Hypixel is the catalyst and has made the game mode bedwars utmost popular and even dominates the rest. It has stamped its place and continues to be immovable from the spot as the undisputed.

Hypixel deserves to be number one because it has put in more than its counterparts in making the best aspects of Bedwars, from maps to mechanics to updates on the game's content. Even the original plug-in of Bedwars is entirely privy to the Hypixel server. It means the rest can copy to any extent but cannot ever duplicate it.

2.     BlocksMC


The next in line after Hypixel is Blocks MC and is one of the best in Bedwars cracked servers. It's pretty popular because its mechanics and design are very close to Hypixel.

It attracts players either because their accounts do not have access to the Hypixel server or the fact that BlocksMC is a cracked server. If you can't get through Hypixel, BlockMC is the next best choice.

3.     Pika Network


Pika Network is a vat Minecraft server, and Bedwars is just one of the game modes it offers. But the bedwars server in Pika is one of a kind with exceptional design. The maps are quite an attraction, for they are distinct and all hand-built.

Other things that stand out are the rank advancements and powerups within the game, making your gaming experience unusual in terms of strategy compared to the regular Hypixel structure.

Moreover, the player also gets the leverage to form Bedwars alliances or guilds with other players. The allies then take part together in matches of ranks. This feature ups the competitive ante.

4.     ChaseCraft


ChaseCraft uses Minecraft version 1.16 mechanics for PvP instead of 1.8, making it a distinct Bedwars Minecraft server. It can be an unconventional choice as most bedwars servers run on version 1.8 style mechanics for PvP. And most Minecrafters prefer this version.

PvP is quite significant in Bedwars, but if a player prefers the 1.16 version, ChaseCraft is an excellent choice.

5.     Mox MC


When it comes to regular or routine events of Bedwars, they typically run on the MoxMC Minecraft server. But that doesn't overshadow the fact that MoxMC is an excellent and quite preferred server.

MoxMC allows players to enter the command “warp bedwars” to get to the map upon joining. And at this juncture, players can take advantage of classic Bedwars game mode in the exclusive Bedwars events.

What makes this server uncommon is that MoxMC incentivizes the winning teams with rewards. These rewards are unique and come in handy in the main game mode. Besides Bedwars, the server also offers other aspects, including being suitable for all PvP types. It is, in fact, one of the best Minecraft servers for PvP.

You may use any version of Minecraft to connect and join this server.

6.     BlockDrop Network


BlockDrop Network has a range of game modes to offer, but one of its main game modes is Bedwars. Amongst all the other game modes they have, their maximum active player base lies with Bedwars. And that's why the rules are also most stringent in this mode to prevent cheating, hacking, or any other similar activity.

BlockDrop recently added a new game mode taking influence from Sims. It is called City Life, something new and fun for the player to enjoy.

7.     Herobrine


Herobrine is unquestionably one of the best Minecraft servers, and its Bedwars game mode has an impressive active player base. Of course, they have other game modes, such as Skyblock, Survival, Earth Towny, Factions, and Sky Wars.

Herobrine keeps updating their Bedwars game mode to deliver more seamless and smoother performance for their players.