Mods that help with farming

November 23, 2022

Mods that help with farming

It can be simple to keep Minecraft players fed, but they might need some help on larger survival servers.

Many Minecraft mods are specifically focused on farming crops, thanks to Minecraft's large modding community. These mods are a great way to feed your hunger pangs on survival servers.

These mods are useful and can even be helpful for smaller farms, even if they don't feed a lot of users.

5) Complete Bone Meal

When players have to grow crops immediately, bone meal can be a huge help. Bone meal can be applied to crops or other plant life to accelerate the growth of your target.

Pepperoni__Jabroni__ has created a mod that expands bone meal's utility to allow you to grow additional plants. This includes vines, sugarcane, netherwart, coral blocks, chorus flowers, and cacti.

4) Gardening Tools

It can be difficult to manage farmland in Minecraft. It can be tedious to go square-by-square to manage a farm. Gardening Tools from Lothrazar is designed to help you do that.

New tools can be used to till multiple pieces of farmland simultaneously. Blocks can also automatically water crops. This makes it easier for games to make farms in a more hands-off manner. Standing magnets and blocks can be used to pull out seeds and crops, and even help with feeding livestock.

3) Spice of Life: Carrot Edition

Many Minecraft players may have wondered why they should eat different crops when they simply reward more hunger than others. Spice of Life by Lordcazsius will allow users to diversify what they grow and eat, rather than relying on the most-hungerful foods.

This mod offers a Food Book, which keeps track of all the foods that players have consumed in their world. They'll receive increased hearts as they eat more diverse foods and reach milestones. This mod can help you have better survival chances by eating healthy.

2) Farmer's Delight

Farmer's Delight from Vectorwing is a small, but significant improvement to Minecraft's food and crop system. It introduces new crops as well as a number of recipes that include these crops (and other foods).

Improved soil quality through new methods such as organic compost can be used to grow tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and rice. Gamers can make soups, sandwiches, or other food items from the harvested crops.

This mod allows gamers to create massive Minecraft feasts for their friends and themselves.

1) Mystical agriculture

BlakeBr0's Mystical Agriculture is a unique Minecraft farming mod that allows players to make materials by farming specific crops. This mod has a lot to offer, but suffice it to say that it can give players more materials than vanilla Minecraft allows if they have certain mods that match Mystical Agriculture.

You can even get superpowered furnaces, multiple tiers in armor and tools that can be upgraded to enhance your farming experience.

If players don't feel like collecting materials such as cobblestone, obsidian or diamond, they can just grow them from the ground using the right crop. Although it may seem like immersion is not possible, it can be extremely helpful.