Minecraft sand temple seeds

December 6, 2022

Minecraft sand temple seeds

The Minecraft seeds can be used to determine where a player will spawn in the world. Seeds are numbers that are assigned to maps and can be used to spawn close to structures with high-tier loot. This makes it easy for players to get started. The seeds can be controlled by the players, so they can create rare structures such as desert temples or pillager outposts.

One of the most desired structures in Minecraft is the Desert Temple. They are rich in loot and other resources. They can be very profitable for players who have low- or mid-tier loot.

Top 5 Desert Temple Seeds in Minecraft 1.17 (2021).

5) Temple located between three biomes (Seed : -231010552205573)

The seed spawns at the midpoint between three biomes: a desert, mesa and swamp. The spawn area is near a desert temple, which gives players a bright start to their Minecraft adventure. After the desert temple is looted, players have the option to loot another desert Temple, located at these coordinates – 450, and – 220.

4) 70 temples and many villages (Seed: -6050023149418840054)

The player is able to spawn a giant desert biome that is full of desert villages and temples. There are approximately 70 desert temples, and 50 villages scattered around the biome. You can find a village and a desert temple right at the spawn and every few blocks thereafter.

3) Four temples are around the spawn point (Seed : 42221246517475785)

This incredible seed will produce four players near four desert temples. Each temple is approximately 50 blocks apart. There are also three villages nearby the spawn point, which provide shelter, trading exposure, and a bed. Another interesting structure is a exposed skeleton-spawner and a post for pillaging.

2) Desert Village and Pyramid (Seed : -803365490736064

The player will find the seed near a desert temple or village. Both contain tons of valuable loot. This seed is ideal for Minecraft's initial steps. Further away is another desert village and temple. This seed is a lucrative one because of the two desert temples and the resources available from the village.

1) Exposed Mine and Temple (Seed: -1963547956778120592)

This seed will spawn the player in the desert. Just a few blocks from the spawn is a large, open cave with a mineshaft. The opposite side of the mineshaft is a desert temple. It contains a lot that will provide a comfortable start to your travels. The desert is home to several villages and temples.