BradDoesBanter Youtuber

January 11, 2023

BradDoesBanter Youtuber

BradDoesBanter, a twenty-one year-old man. He was born in England, July 29, 1999, under the Leo zodiac sign. His mother is often featured on his social media accounts. It's evident that they share a special bond, as shown by the photos he shared with his mother. They are very similar in their proximity.

He is also British but has not made any reference to his ethnicity. His educational background is not known. He lives in Manchester, England in the Tameside area.

Occupational life

BradDoesBanter, a YouTuber from England, is well-known for his rant videos as well as his interactions with YouTubers. He has been noticed by many well-known YouTubers, including Sky Does Everything and PewDiePie, who invited him to visit the United States. Brad describes it as “smelling like piss.”

He also makes commentary videos. Some of his most popular videos are on Buzzfeed. He also had a large following on all four his Twitter pages, but they were all deleted due to his controversial posts. His YouTubers include Chubbs and Memeulous, ImAllexx and Pyrocynical. BradDoesGames is his gaming channel.

He was previously known as Brad Does Minecraft. He made Minecraft videos, including the first, “Minecraft Oak Jungle solo PARKOUR!” w/Brad” was removed from his website. Before moving into “Funny Moments”, and more comical videos, his videos were primarily focused on Minecraft, specifically series like Hunger Games and UHC. It became the main form of material with occasional Q&As, prank calls, and other bits.

His popularity began to decline due to these videos. He posted videos that showed him in real-life, such as reading hate remarks.


His YouTube channel Brad Does Minecraft was launched on June 14, 2014. His most recent video is “Brad Does Minecraft (Censored).” It has been viewed almost 11,000. In October 2015, he changed his name to Brad Does Minecraft to BradDoesBanter. He changed his name to “Brad Does Minecraft” as he was nearing 15k subscribers. After that, he will be checked and anyone who has changed their name after that time would lose their verification. He decided to leave Minecraft.

In November 2015, he posted a video entitled EXPOSING BIGGEST MINECRAFT YOUTUBER. SkyDoesMinecraft was the subject in a satirical commentary on the film's revealing videos. Sky, however, asked Brad to make the video and then commented.

He uploads video content consisting of commentary-style videos. Some have called him a “Leafy copy” because of the similarity in content. He doesn't often include gaming in his recent posts. Instead, he uses clips of other items like YouTubers' faces.

BradDoesRants is his YouTube channel and was launched on April 22, 2020. It currently has 10.6K subscribers. He has released four videos to date, titled “Ami Resurrecting my Podcast?” “Entitled Twitch Streamers,” and “Discord Weirdos,” as well as “Why I Left the Cancelled Podcast.” He would undoubtedly produce more interesting images.

What is your net worth in today's dollars?

BradDoesBanter is a YouTube sensation that has amassed a substantial fortune. However, his profits are not accessible online. His YouTube channel had $17,000 in revenue as of July 2020.

Private life

BradDoesBanter is probably single right now. He isn't yet married and doesn't have children. He hasn't posted any photos yet of himself with women. He seems to be enjoying life as a bachelor. He is loyal to his mother. He is now focusing on his education.

His YouTube posts had previously led to him being connected to several contentious issues. The incident also saw his Twitter account deleted. However, it's not like he's out now.

Measurements and social networking

BradDoesBanter, a brunette with blue eyes, is BradDoesBanter. He is a good-sized man considering his Chevy body weight. However, his height, weight, and other body stats are not available online.

Brad is active on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He uses the handle handles for Instagram, where he has almost 29.1k followers. He also has two YouTube channels. BradDoesBanter is his primary YouTube channel with 288K subscribers. BradDoesRants has 10.3K subscribers.