Best Minecraft additions

January 16, 2023

Best Minecraft additions

2022 was a year of anticipation in Minecraft because of the 1.19 update. Also known as “The Wild Update”, it has been a year full of excitement for players.

Mojang has released recent snapshots that give players a glimpse at the new features in the update. These snapshots give players a glimpse at the features that will be released in the update, even though they have not been fully implemented.

Players have been looking through these snapshots in order to get the latest content before it is released. These preview builds contain many new features that you can appreciate.

The Wild Update snaps: Minecraft: Amazing additions

5) Boats with chests

When traveling in Minecraft, you can never have enough storage. With the 1.19 update players will be able to add another method to their inventory.

Version 1.9 will include chests on boats, similar to minecart chests. This implementation allows players to place their items in a chest that can be carried across oceans, rivers and other bodies water.

Boats with chests will be extremely helpful until players have access to shulker box later in the game. Players can use this method to keep their inventory full of rare and valuable materials.

4) Mangrove Swamp Biomes

Players of Minecraft have suggested that swamp biomes could benefit from a little rework.

The Wild Update snapshots already show players the new mangrove swamp biomes. These biomes are full of trees above ground and waterlogged. These swamps are home to interesting mobs like fireflies or frogs, as well as the standard swamps.

Although it's not a major implementation, it should give players new options for building blocks and locations.

Echo Shards and Recovery Comasses

Many Minecraft players will have experienced the pain of losing their items after death, and not being able to find them again.

Minecraft 1.9 has introduced recovery compasses that point to the latest location where a player died.

These compasses are made with an echo shard and a compass. The latter can be found within the ancient city structures in the deep dark biome.

Players should be aware that a recovery compasses won't work if the player isn't dead or if it's not in their hands. It won't work if the player is somewhere else than the one where they died.

2) The Deep Dark Biome & Ancient Cities

Minecraft 1.19's snapshots include the exciting additions of the deep dark biome, and its ancient cities.

The deep, dark biome is eerie and unwelcoming. It echoes with the screams and groans of the lost and crawls with newfound sculk block.

There are many riches in the subterranean biome, but players need to be cautious.

The mighty Warden will be called to protect the domain if enough sculk-shriekers are disturbed. This mob can kill even well-equipped players in just a few hits. So stealth is encouraged at these new locations.

1) The New Mobs

The most exciting part of Wild Update snapshots is the new mobs.

The allay is a friendly mob that offers items to players and uses note blocks. The Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote crowned the winner of the allay.

Tadpoles can also grow into frogs. There are three types of frogs, each with a different biome.

Fireflies can also be eaten by frogs. They are the smallest mobs (one pixel) that have been recorded.

The powerful and mysterious Warden is the protector of the deep dark biome. Once summoned, players will be pursued relentlessly by the blind mob. To survive, players will have to use their best thinking skills.

Although it is possible to kill the Warden by players, the mob has the highest health, even when compared to the Ender Dragon or the Wither.