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Exercise, games, sports injuries
Though playing games can be the best form of exercise,for those interested in losing weight and keeping fit, there are dangers involved. The extent and type of sports injuries depend on the type of exercise, for some exercises and games, the risk of sports injuries and damage to health will be relatively less, while for others a person is likely to be seriously injured and crippled for life.

In general for games where not much physical activity is required like shooting, archery, walking or simple stretching exercises the risk of sports injuries will be relatively less.

However for sports where a lot of running is required, like badminton, cricket, tennis, the risk of injury will be relatively more. Athletic sports require very high fitness levels and due to the stress on the human body, the risk of injury will be high for races like the 100 m sprint. Hurdles, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, high jump are some athletic sports where the possibility of impact injury will be high, and the athlete will have to be physically very fit.

However the possibility of sports injuries will be highest for contact sports like boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, taekwondo, Krav Maga where the winner is decided depending on who overcomes their opponent. Though a lot of protective sports gear are available like faceguards, chin guards to reduce the injuries, these sports involve some injuries, which cannot be avoided.

Though exercising on a treadmill may appear to be extremely safe, treadmill accidents have sometimes proved to be fatal, like the death of the surveymonkey CEO, who met with an accident while holidaying in Mexico. Swimming is popular for exercising with many, and the possible of stress injuries is less, however there are many swimming related deaths reported, especially in rivers and the sea. Even local swimming pools are not very safe, and the death of a young man in his twenties, Ishan Shetye was reported in Mapusa, Goa in June 2016 while swimming in the local swimming pool.

So it is important to be aware of the risk of sports injuries before deciding to spend time and money playing any game, or sport, and take a decision accordingly. younger people will recover quickly from their injuries, however older people will take more time to recover, so they should be careful while playing any game.

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